Dave Sagen
(Montana - USA)

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Dave Sagen

"I have been to New Zealand three times now and they have all been with Carla and NZTH team. I can't say enough about her and the way she operates all aspects of everything New Zealand. It's called NZTH but there's so much more than just hunting they offer. From horse back riding to sight seeing to shopping for the ladies. They have it all and with a "we have been the best of friends forever" atmosphere. Carla and I even took a day and went to Dunedin so I could get a cool NZ tattoo. I think one of the many great things about Carla and her team is the fact she can work with about any budget. So there's really no excuse not to jump on a plane and experience the adventure of a life time. If New Zealand is on your bucket list of places to see and explore give Carla a call or send her an email. Get the adventures started. You will not be disappointed"

Chad Reese

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Chad Reese

"To say that my expectations of Carla and New Zealand Trophy Hunting were high would be an understatement. The time my wife Kelli and I would spend in New Zealand would be short compared to the years that I had spent dreaming about and anticipating the opportunity to chase red stag. I can confidently say that the experience exceeded my every expectation. Our professional hunters were patient and accommodating to our relatively large group of hunters and observers, providing everything from hot tea for afternoon rests in the valleys to a late night wallaby thinning excursion across the hilltops complete with views of the Southern Cross. The lodge felt like home, the hunting was outstanding, and the friendships that we made were an unexpected addition to my once-in-a-lifetime stag."

Gen and Giovanni Russo

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Gen and Giovanni Russo

"New Zealand Trophy Hunting made the hunting trip unforgettable for my son and I. We purchased our Stag and Tahr hunt at the SCI show in Edmonton, where Carla graciously put her outfitter into the live auction. Carla was a great host and managed our whole 10-day trip. She set us up with the great guides that also added to the New Zealand Trophy Hunting experience. Hanging out at her lodge after a full day of hunting was also great. We felt right at home every night. She is also an amazing cook, every night we ate like it was a thanksgiving dinner. I would definitely recommend New Zealand Trophy Hunting to anyone who is considering going on a Red Stag or Tahr hunt in New Zealand. We hunted on unforgettable properties and got to learn so much about the exotic Stag and Tahr."


Mike Pratt
(Oregan - USA)

"A great hunt dontaed by New Zealand Trophy Hunting for the S.C.I auction in Las Vegas last year (2014). My wife and I had a great hunt with Carla and the team. We really enjoyed visiting New Zealand and its friendly people."


Bob and JP Puette

“My wife, JP, and I had a wonderful experience in June 2015 with New Zealand Trophy Hunting. We were picked up at the Queenstown airport on the morning of our arrival and I was hunting Tahr in the Southern Alps in the afternoon.  The snow covered Alps were spectacular to see andwe were able to find an excellent trophy bull Tahr before the end of the day – a successful shot made for an unbelievable start to the hunt. Our accommodations were in Wanaka, a very charming town on Lake Wanaka, which turned out to be a very good thing because the next few days were cloudy, rainy and too windy to hunt the Chamois. When the weather cleared I spent a couple days hunting the Chamois and we found an excellent trophy which, with my Tahr, is on its way to the taxidermist.

Our guide was very attentive from the time we met at the airport in Queenstown, I had a very successful hunt resulting in two excellent trophies and my wife and I enjoyed our time in Wanaka and the South Island of New Zealand. We highly recommend New Zealand Trophy Hunting”.  

Bob and JP Puette

Ron Thompson
(Scottsdale, AZ - USA)

"In expressing my feelings about New Zealand Trophy Hunting and to cut to the chase, 
NZTH is the Crown Jewel of my nearly 60 years of game hunting. The amenities were
outstanding. The lodge is homey and comfortable; Carla served  delicious meals and
made Jo Anne and me feel truly welcome; we felt like old friends right from the start.

And now comes the hunt for red stag: our guide, Ewan, was one of the most highly skilled
guides I've hunted with. He was very highly experienced; he possessed eagle eyes and because
of his guiding qualities, I harvested a gold ranked red stag at a measured 380 yards, one shot.
I squeezed the trigger  -  he did all the work.

While son, Steve, and I hunted red stag  -  both successfully  -  our wives were escorted
on a variety of interesting, fun explorations of beautiful South Island. We left New
Zealand realizing we had just experienced the hunt of a lifetime.

I would sum it up by saying, New Zealand Trophy Hunting are simply a cut above the rest."

Rich Russell and family
(New York – USA)

“Carla...I wanted to take the time to thank you both for a wonderful trip this April. I have hunted all over North America and have wanted to hunt a New Zealand red stag for as long as I could remember. You helped me make that dream come true. Your personal attention made the trip even more special.

You certainly know your game and have a gorgeous place to hunt. I enjoyed your sense of humor and admired how good you are at your craft. Carla your home cooked meals were outstanding...you even got me to eat fresh lamb which I would not go close to here! More importantly, the way you cared for both my family and I while we were with you is appreciated. My girls have asked me when are we going back to New Zealand...don't worry we will be back and maybe even try for a tahr this time.

Deano, who was my guide during the stag hunt, is a soft spoken and interesting guy that also knows all about the style of hunt and the animals of New Zealand. I enjoyed my time glassing the hillsides with him, looking at stags, fallow deer, wild goats and rams.

I look forward to the day I return. Thank you for all you did and keep up the great work."

Richard Lange and Vickie Blair
(Sparks, Nevada – USA)

“If you are not booking with New Zealand Trophy Hunting you are missing out! From the time we were picked up at the airport until we were dropped off back at the airport, everything was 5 stars. The Hill Top Lodge is so comfortable it was actuality just like home. Carla asked us what kind of food we would like. We told her game and New Zealand cuisine, we never ate better in our lives. I’m an archery Stag hunter and Vickie was rifle hunting Fallow Deer. They told me, "No worries mate, we got it covered." Our guide's knowledge of the animals and how they use the terrain was second to none. We encountered some hunters on the plane ride home. They had some beautiful trophies, but after we shared our experience with them, they asked for the contact info for New Zealand Trophy Hunting. They missed out on the whole New Zealand experience. The memories of new friends, places and hunts, will last us for the rest of our lives.”

Dave and Kim Sagen
(Columbus, MT - USA)

“Carla and the team at New Zealand Trophy Hunting; what can we say about them...long lost friends! They all went far and beyond out of their way to make us comfortable and feel at home. From cooking special Irish fare for St. Patrick's Day, to extra pit stops along the way after one too many "Green teas with no milk".

Soothing, top notch, "never want to leave" accommodations. No worries, no pressure atmosphere. Brisk mornings at the kitchen counter with amazing coffee and real "Southern Man" breakfast. Dinners that would put Paula Deen to shame....and don't you dare walk away hungry.

The hunting was beyond everything David could have imagined or hoped for...wild life galore! It truly is impressive to hear the roar of a red stag while glassing the beautiful, rich countryside around Kurow. Even though I'm not a hunter myself...I had a fantastic time tagging along with David. Carla and the team took the extra steps to make us feel like family....yet honoured guests.

Local sightseeing was educational with plenty of stops for photo shoots. We travelled to Mount Cook and had a delicious lunch in Lake Tekapo with the Church of the Good Shepard in our view. Our guide had a vast knowledge of the country's history and the complicated rules of Rugby. (He met us for a game while Carla was running her first 100K Marathon).

After our time with New Zealand Trophy Hunting, we toured the South Island on our own. Carla had many suggestions and recommendations on hotels, sightseeing adventures and local restaurants. Even going as far as booking tickets to events and hotel rooms in advance for us, while remaining in touch with us to ensure we were enjoying ourselves. To sum this up, can't really say enough about New Zealand Trophy Hunting... They made our whole "Kiwi Experience" memorable and amazing. Thank you again for everything you guys....can't wait for our next adventure!”

Mike and Lisa McCann

“What a great hunting experience. Carla and the team will always be lifetime friends. If you want a true New Zealand experience, an excellent guide, great food, lots of laughs and fun then New Zealand Trophy hunting is the one to pick. It all started with the pick up from the hotel. We stopped off at a nice little lunch place along the path and due to some traffic situations out of our control we went to see the penguins, fur seals and the Moeraki Boulders. Then after the traffic cleared we were on our way.

The first day we hunted Tahr, this was so exciting, and it didn’t take us long to find some nice bulls. What a great Tahr! After hunting Carla suggested an excellent restaurant and some really fun hot tubs to go to. Then off to Hunter Hills Lodge for the Stag and Fallow. The second day we saw tons of animals and the country was beautiful. The third day we went off to search for the fallow again and found a really nice Stag (actually 2 nice ones so we have to choose) so now it was Mike’s turn and he landed a really nice Stag with his bow, better than what we expected.

So here we are going out on the 4th day in search of the fallow and there was “the old mate” (as our guide said) just waiting for us. This time I was able to get a nice 40 yard shot with my bow and ended up with a really nice trophy. So with one day still to go in the hunt I decided to get me a feral goat too. This one I shot (oh and by the way the guns they use are excellent, no need to bring any), nailed him at 90 yards. What fun, we love hunting and New Zealand Trophy Hunting is the best. And I need to mention the food, best I’ve ever had and more. If you go away hungry, that would be your fault! We looked at many outfitters and I am so glad we choose this one. You will not be disappointed.”

Richard Lange
(Reno – USA)

“So my phone rings last Saturday and to my surprise it was Dick Fording. 99.99% of other people that you meet at SCI and the Sheep, Elk Show say “I Will Give You a Call” - but never do.  As Dick was telling Vickie and me on speaker phone ALL about his time that he spent with you and Carla. We became enthralled in his dissertation of five magnificent days he and his son experienced. From the fine dining and accommodations to the death defying Tahr hunt, his voice wavered slightly when he spoke of his sons Red Stag hunt. It was clear to me that this man is a true father to his son.
New Zealand Trophy Hunting have given this father and son something very few people can in the world, you had the opportunity to  give them memories that will bond them for the rest of their lives, an experience of a life time.

As an observer in this story I ask you to never forget how powerfully you impact others’ lives, when open yourselves up and let people in. How very special are you!”  

Michael Diehl
(Pennsylvania – USA)

“I wish to thank you (Carla and Ewan) for truly a hunt of a lifetime. Your hospitality, expertise, and knowledge were truly exceptional.  The food was GREAT, the hunting extraordinary, and the scenery - awesome. You truly live in a most beautiful country.  Thank you again for a most memorable experience.  If I may be of service to you, please feel free to ask”.

Richard and Joe Fording
(Reno – USA)

“Now that some of the excitement has worn off we wanted to thank you again
for our wonderful hunt and adventure with New Zealand Trophy Hunting. I
asked my son Joe for his thoughts and they pretty well say it all.

Our time with you exceeded all expectations!  Having had the opportunity to meet you for a couple of years prior to our hunt at the "Sheep" show in Reno, my wife Joanne and I knew you would offer exactly  what we wanted. The intimate scale of your operation allows for a much more personal experience, in fact, just like spending time with good friends. We were looking for more than just trophies and we got so much more than we'd anticipated. Wonderful comfortable lodging, fantastic meals of the best New Zealand has to offer, all in a relaxed setting, with a personalization of activities to fit our desires. The rifles you provided were the finest I've ever held, accuracy beyond belief! The stags were magnificent and fun to hunt in the thick, hilly brush country. The Tahr hunt was an adventure of its own, it's difficult to imagine squeezing that much excitement into one day, wow! 

I'm sure each of your clients has their own expectations but we can't imagine anybody who meets you and books a hunt going away disappointed. Our trophies, when mounted, will serve as a daily reminder of wonderful friends and a hunt we'll always cherish.”

Derek & Vonnie White
(Rigby, Idaho – USA)

“Hunting with New Zealand Trophy Hunting is what the New Zealand experience is all about. First of all I want people to understand that we are just average people from Idaho, U.S.A. and with a little over a year of planning and saving anyone can come hunt with Carla and the team.

The package that they put together for us was first rate and very affordable, with Jake and I being able to hunt for all the animals that we hoped to. On most days that Jake and I hunted, Carla the Master Chef and head tour guide took my lovely wife and daughter out site seeing. In the end Carla and my wife and daughter Taylor have become great friends. Carla makes you feel at ease and at home in the lodge. Rest assured that Carla will do her best to accommodate your every need. She is also a very accomplished cook and she surprised me with one of the best Birthday cakes I've ever had. (Thanks also Carla for the awesome NZTH jacket!) 

The accommodations were fantastic and the King bed was the best. Having heated floors in the bathrooms is something to enjoy!! Our guide was fantastic and kept us laughing and on great animals everyday. The stag and the fallow that I shot are everything and more than I hoped for. Rest assured that whatever level that you are hunting you will go home completely satisfied with the trophy's you take. We chose not to bring firearms and they provided us with the best rifle and scope combo I have ever fired. A fierce rifle that had a carbon fiber barrel in 7mag (almost no recoil and deadly accurate), topped off with Barnes Triple shock x bullets - wicked totally wicked!!

Some day I hope to come back to hunt Tahr and free range reds with Carla and the team .If anyone has any questions or would like to see more pictures please feel free to email me at dgcolt45@gmail.com We truly had a trip of a life time. Thank you Carla”

Duane & Rosemary Richins
(Salt Lake City – USA)

“What a trip of a lifetime!! Thanks to New Zealand Trophy Hunting for making it happen! I must admit I was a little nervous traveling with my newborn son, Gavin, only 6 weeks old… but Carla, and the team were so accommodating and so flexible with his schedule that I couldn’t have pictured our trip going any better! They made sure that he was well taken care of! Carla went above and beyond the call of duty to provide a baby crib, blankets, baby bathtub, and even a bouncer for my little man!

My husband has always wanted to shoot a Red Stag, and Ewie guided him to the perfect one! He was on cloud nine! I was also guided to some amazing animals and shot a ram and a goat. Ewie made my experience so fun and unforgettable! We had a riot shooting wallabies as well!

Every day brought a new and exciting adventure with New Zealand Trophy Hunting! And everyday we were treated like royalty. Carla made us the most amazing meals, or feasts I should say, they were beyond compare! The company was also unbeatable! My husband and I both felt like we were hunting with some of our best friends right from the start!

Thank you! Thank you for the amazing adventures, the wonderful memories, and the gracious care you took of all of us, especially our little one! We can’t wait to come back and hunt with our friends again!”

Carlos and Celia Marcolino (Portugal)

“Following my husband hunting is very good, but accompanying him on a hunt in New Zealand was something wonderful. Firstly, the country is very beautiful, a great place to live, then because the people we met, Carla and the team are wonderful. I spent much time with Carla, who is a fantastic person, a friend of the heart. The time we spent together in the kitchen, shopping, and walking was very good, though my English was not the best, but we understand each other. I loved the food, loved the house of Carla, loved the animals. We hope one day to return there. Thanks for everything and for your friendship. Carlos loved to hunt with his guide who is a wonderful professional, a man who understands hunting, a man of the field. And the animals that Carlos hunted are wonderful, the best in hunting. Much appreciation from your Portuguese friends.”

Erick Stecker - Executive Vice President & Master Bulletsmith for Berger Bullets
(Phoenix Arizona, USA)

Antonio Biosca

“With the need to test Berger Classic Hunter bullets on a lot of different animals at numerous distances, we had one place come to mind immediately. New Zealand! We had the good fortune of having met Carla Lucas who runs New Zealand Trophy Hunting. She is wonderful and the thought of going hunting at their place was immediately appealing.

Carla greeted us at the lodge and it quickly felt like I was at a second home with both the accommodations and the people.

I couldn’t have asked for a better situation in which to test our new bullets. First class outfitter, top notch guides (Andy, Ewie and Dave) who can run down a goat on these mountains (they made walking the slopes look like they were walking around a shopping mall).

Andy and I took off to the Northern end of the South Island to a station (ranch) that has tonnes of wild goats and hogs where we rigorously tested the new Berger projectiles. A very target rich environment indeed!!

After two successful days hunting in the mountains and examining bullet performance, we headed back to our base in Kurow.

We arrived back at the lodge which was just as I left it, full of fun and great food. Carla (who runs on the mountains nearly every day like they are flat) is an outstanding chef.  To call her a cook would be to lessen my memory of the delicious feasts she created. By the end of the trip I had a mind full of wonderful experiences and memories. I will go back again and hunt with New Zealand Trophy Hunting because once you’ve found something this good you are only setting yourself up for disappointment if you go anywhere else.”

Ernie and Gerri Stallman
(Wisconsin, USA)

Antonio Biosca

“We have just returned from our hunting trip with New Zealand Trophy Hunting.  Thanks to Carla, Andy, and Ginge for helping to make a dream come true, especially for Gerri. She has always wanted to hunt for red stag in New Zealand.
From the time Ginge picked us up at the airport until we drove us back to Queenstown for our flight out, we were treated like dear friends or one of the family.  We have hunted in many countries around the world, and this was one of our favorites because of the honest warmth with which we were greeted. The lodge in Kurow is very comfortable with modern accommodations. The food is exquisite (Carla could give many chefs a run for their money)! The homemade breads, the well-prepared and varied meals, the desserts – all were divine.
Andy and Ginge spent the time and effort helping us to scope out the countryside for just the right animal to hunt. If you want those challenging shots, you will love hunting in New Zealand – we spotted some game 700-800 yards away. Around the water we hunted paradise ducks, Canada geese, and black swan (by shooting a swan, Gerri achieved one of her goals). In the hills Ernie had a great time shooting Quail wallby and  wild boar. Every day was a new adventure because of the quantity and quality of game seen.

Throughout our time with New Zealand Trophy Hunting, we saw numerous animals, including many red stag, fallow deer, chamois, tahr, white-tail deer, wild ram and wild goats.

Thank you all at New Zealand Trophy Hunting for making this a hunt to remember. We have hundreds of pictures to relive our visit to your scenic country. We plan on returning one day – Ern would love a chamois.”

Antonio Biosca
(Madrid, Spain)

Antonio Biosca

"Everything has been great for me during my short stay with Carla and the team at their beautiful, comfortable house with the addition of their extreme kindness.

But it's even more appreciated the important help I recieved while hunting because my programme was extremely hard for a "young man" of only 82 years old! I was unfortunate to contract an influenza on my journey to New Zealand - this really means I had my limitations to climb mountains or even to fly in a helicopter higher than 3000 meters altitude.

When I understood this could be a very dangerous test for my heart I declined to get the Tahr by myself and thanks to my guide's kindness I got one, "of course Gold medal", because he did the job I declined to do myself.

My challenge for this hunting trip was to get 5 New Zealand trophies: the first one was the Tahr. I realised it would be very difficult to achieve my goal, but once again the prodigious help of the team allowed me to get the 4 other trophies I was looking for.

Many, many thanks for your generous spirit which was my best support and permitted me to have now 4 Gold medal trophies and 1 high Silver. I never could imagine this great result and I finish these words by saying: Many, many thanks and I wish you good luck. Very sincerely with my best wishes,"

Sherman and Jean Shaw
( USA)


" Reflecting on our trip - all was great fun and a great experience. In Queenstown we were driven to Glenorchy and beyond to Paradise. Wineries, Arrowtown and views from high above Queenstown. Great food in Queenstown but none to compare with Carla's restaurant, you are the best. We cook alot for lots of people and we know it doesn't happen without a great deal of work. Thanks for a wonderful trip. See you in January."

Juan Manuel Dipp with Lilly, Victor and Alvaro
( Mexico)

Jean Manuel Dipp

"Carla, Andy and Ewan (Senor Pancho) - I have to say that our time with you at New Zealand Trophy Hunting was incredible, " THE HUNT OF A LIFETIME" it was great, intense, incredible and alot of fun. We have been telling everybody about our trip and nobody can believe the time we had. At the Hospital they want me to give a presentation on our hunt, New Zealand Trophy Hunting and the trophies. So you guys are already a hit over here and I am already looking forward to coming down again for a second tour.

Everything was awesome - the accommodations are beautiful, the terrain awesome - world class guides and cook. I have to mention Carla's food - she is a tremendous chef and I already miss her cooking, both quality and quantity. The trophies are excellent - you guys ROCK. We had a great time, ate great food, taught you guys something about tequila (even though Andy would throw it away when we were not looking).

But sincerely, the human quality ofCarla, Andy and Ewan is above all. It is probably the best thing we brought back with us. The pleasure of knowing people like you and the knowledge of having such fine people as friends and looking forward to spending some more time with you all. We would strongly recommend any hunter to come and spend time with you at New Zealand Trophy Hunting, for an incredible experience, a world class adrenaline hunt, where you can obtain great trophies, see incredible terrain, obtain knowledge and after the hunting day is over still feel at home. Thank you guys very much for everything and I will come back."

Rex and Shellie Winebrenner
( Montana, USA)

"Our hunt with New Zealand Trophy Hunting was everything we hoped for and more.

Upon arrival in Christchurch and throughout the hunt, everything was taken care of in a professional manner. Carla and the team clearly take pride in the services they provide, the lodge is very comfortable and the meals were some of the best we have ever been treated to.

We were very pleased with the quality of the trophies taken and the opportunities to fish and bird hunt as well. We had a Red Stag, Fallow and Tahr on our wish list and also came away with a "scorcher" Feral Goat as well as a great Arapawa Ram. The hunt was also the first opportunity for my wife to take her own animals rather than just photograph the hunt.

After the hunt we set off on our own in a rental car to explore the beautiful South Island for another 10 days. We would highly recommend this addition if your time and budget allow. Carla helped us plan our excursion with tips on things to see and offered to help us out if we needed anything along the way. As many have said we we arrived as clients but felt we had gained new friends when we left.

We would certainly love to return and recommend a trip to Kurow to stay and hunt with Carla and the team."

Frank and Ginger Purio
(Napa, California)


"Carla and team - we can't thank you enough for the wonderful time we had during our hunting trip. Your hospitality exceeded our expectations and the accommodations made us feel right at home. Thanks for the use of your guns which did not fail as our hunt was very successful. Thanks for the time you spent taking us on a tour of your beautiful area and sharing your exceptional knowledge of the animals and the hunting grounds. Your lodge is beautiful and the meals you prepared were wonderful. We look forward to returning again in the near future."

Jesse Doyle
(Washington, USA


"Carla and the team. I wanted to take a minute and let you know how grateful and appreciative I am of your hard work and hospitality. The accommodations were perfect and the menu was the best I've had in New Zealand. When it really comes down to results, you put me onto Geese and Paradise Ducks in early Spring when the hunting is very tricky. This speaks volumes for your scouting, available land and knowledge of hunting in general. Your enthusiasm and passion for hunting is very evident and is much appreciated. Thank you for an awesome Parrie and Goose hunt. I hope to see you guys in the very near future."

Xavier Autrey and
Fernando Sanchez
( Mexico)



"We (me 24, and my cousin Fernando, 21) have been planning a hunting trip for years. We almost went to Canada for Brown Bear, that was until we saw this amazing opportunity to hunt Chamois and Tahr in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand (neither of us had been there). We used all our savings and embarked on the best trip of our lives! 2 days, 3 flights and 9 airline meals later we arrived at Queenstown where we met our guide. We didn't know what was in store for us, or how our trip would play out since we had never been hunting outside of Mexico (our homeland).

We arrived at Wanaka where we did some target shooting and got to know our guide and some of his friends. The next day we started our Chamois hunting near the mountains surrounding Wanaka, it was an amazing experience to be on a Helicopter with such beautiful scenery. Our hunts were what a hunter would describe as perfect and even more astonishing than what we had imagined - the scenery, the chopper and the people made it even more valuable.

Our next few days we moved to a different territory towards Lake Pukaki where we would hunt for our Tahr. That hunt was also amazing. We even had the chance to smoke a celebratory cigar on a mountain close to Mt Cook just on sunset.

We had a 6 star trip - we were taken care of by the most hospitable people I've ever met. Carla and the team not only gave us the best attention but also some of the best cooking I've ever tasted (both me and Fernando gained about 4kg you can imagine why)! The accommodations were more than perfect, nothing was missing.

I would certainly recommend this trip to all my friends and family (as I already have) as an awesome adventure and something you will never forget. Thanks again Carla for making us feel like part of the family, for showing us a good time and for taking care of us. Cheers"

Alan and Barbara Sackman
(New York, USA)


"Barbara and I want to thank you both for a great hunt with you. We enjoyed the hunt for the Captain Cook Alpine Pig! I personally wanted to thank you for the Duck hunt on opening day and we really had a great time!! You are truly the greatest Duck caller! Not to mention that the food and wine was outstanding! We look forward to hunting with you again."

Scott Heckman -
New York USA

"I want you to know, after I talked to other people that had hunted in New Zealand, I did have very high expectations for this hunt. I was not disappointed. I got all the birds and animals I wanted and saw so many others. The Lodge was better and more comfortable than my own home. Joking aside about calling it a "get fat camp", I never had food that good on any hunt and better than most restaurants that I eat at. You could not be more professional but at the same time fun to be with, out in the field and at the Lodge. Carla, a special thank you for being so organised with all the extra arrangements you made for me. Hopefully I can come back soon. In my travels I will meet someone who wants to go to New Zealand and you will be first on my suggestion list. I feel that I came to you as a client and left as a friend. Thanks again."

Todd and Annalee Burns
(New Mexico USA)

"NZTH is  a first rate organisation and we would gladly recommend an adventure with Carla and team. We have just experienced a top notch Red Stag and Fallow Deer hunt and an amazing stay at the lodge in the Hunter Hills. Our guide was awesome, displaying expertise and entertainment during each day of our hunt. Carla is truly the warmest host and the most fantastic chef. The scenery is majestic and the quality of animals are first rate. We are eager to return! Thanks very much!

Lou and Lola Lodigiani - (California USA)

Lou Lodigiani

"Our stay at NZTH was a trip of a lifetime, an experience we won't soon forget. The hospitality was superb, the accommodations were luxurious, the meals were absolutely wonderful and the hunting was like nothing I'd experienced before! The scenery surrounding the farms in the foothills was breath taking and the variety of game animals on the concession was stunning. I can't say enough good things about the effort expended by the staff to make our stay enjoyable and memorable. Actually, I really couldn't wait to get back home to tell all my friends about the amazing time we had and the great friends we met during our stay. I made a promise to myself - to return one day to the Hunter Hills country of the South Island. I will always be grateful for the memories."

Wayne Steele
( Australia)

"Just wanted to drop a quick e mail to say thank you for having Evan and I and for being so accommodating during our trip with you. Thank you for organising everything.

We had a terrific time and really enjoyed ourselves. Great hospitality is always a bonus - especially when you're away from home.

Thank you to everyone and thank you to Ewan who had to put up with us 24/7. Cheers"

Jeannie Winski
( Wisconsin USA

" I have hunted all over North America and hunting with New Zealand Trophy Hunting was an absolute dream come true for me. We harvested my free range Red Stag the first day and saw an abundance of animals. The food was excellent, the lodging was very nice and the hunt was very affordable. If I was asked "would you do it again?" - you bet, in a heart beat."

George Seonbuchner
Oregon, USA)

George Seonbuchner


"After being home for a short time, I have had a little time to reflect on my hunting experience with you. When you go on a hunt and you get a trophy as good as I did, things are always brighter and you can overlook a lot of things that you may not be so eager to if there was no trophy animal - or even a small one. But this hunt was different. Everything was excellent. The lodging was five-star and the meals were delicious. The guides were knowledgable of the area we hunted in and it was certainly a pleasure to be on this hunt.

Our carry on trophies arrived at the motel the day before our departure, packing was excellent. No problems at the airport in Queenstown, we didn't pay any baggage charges. When we got to Los Angeles it was just $25 per trophy to Portland (very reasonable). When we got home, we took Kurt's Fallow Deer to a Taxidermist who commented that the processing was excellent.

Please feel free to use me as a reference as I certainly enjoyed this wonderful hunt. If I was not pleased I would be anxious to get a referral. Best wishes to you Carla"


( USA)


"We had the absolute best time with you at the Lodge. It was so much fun. After we left you we hunted a Tahr - which was good but not near as fun as the Stag hunt we had with you. Thank you again for making our stay so wonderful and letting me hang out in the kitchen with you both."

Shawn and Chrissy Friedbacher (Wisconsin USA)

Shawn Friedbacher

"Carla was a great host and honestly I felt more like a friend than a client. Everything was organised perfectly from the airport pickup to the side trips Carla arranged for us after the hunt. I would highly suggest taking your wife and doing the side trips - the list is endless.

I planned on hunting with a bow and my guide was great at getting me on the animals and knew just what to do to get into place for the shot. These animals were a real challenge and although I had shots, I just couldn't find the mark and ended up taking my animals with the rifle. I ended up taking a Red Stag, Fallow and a Feral Goat.

There were numerous animals of all species and the trophy quality was excellent. The terrain was a challenge but they cater for all physical abilities so you don't need to be in "sheep shape" to enjoy the hunt.

The lodging was only a few minutes from the hunting area. We had our own room and private bathroom which even included heated floors - and a laundry if needed.

The food was unreal and there was plenty of it. All the food was fresh and homemade from scratch. I could go on forever however I think I have covered the important items - if anyone wants more information feel free to shoot me an e mail."

Nate Bock
(Montana, USA

Nate Bock

"Carla and the team really encompassed the true New Zealand experience. All our meals were fantastic - we had everything from free-range lamb to bacon enclosed mushrooms! Best food I had the whole time I was in New Zealand! The hospitality shown Carla was unbeatable. The accommodation was not only spectacular but also comfortable with lots of views and endless conversation.

The adventure New Zealand Trophy Hunting provided was first class. Hunting my Tahr was one of the most exciting hunts I have ever had.

My experience with New Zealand Trophy Hunting was adventurous and enjoyable. Carla and team delivered the best hunting experience because of their vast knowledge and their down to earth friendliness."

Mike Perkins
Cross-Hairs Long Range Hunting


Please contact Mike Perkins on 208-891-4854 or maplrhunter@gmail.com




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