When is New Zealand Trophy Hunting's season?

Our hunting season is from March through August each year. You can hunt for deer species at any time during the season but if you wish to experience the rut or bugle then schedule early March - May. These months are great for mixed bag hunts however if you choose to hunt for a big bull tahr or buck chamois then schedule your hunt for mid April through mid June.


What do I need to bring?

The single most important thing that you need to bring is quality mountain hunting boots. Because our hunting territory varies from rolling hill country to steep scrub-covered mountains, you need the support of well broken-in mountain boots. Other essential items to bring are: a quality rain suit, warm hunting jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, small day pack, camera and binoculars. View our recommended gear list here.


What type of gun is best?

We recommend guns that fire a minimum 150-grain bullet. Popular calibers are 30/06, 7mm Mag, 300 win Mag. Your rifle should have a quality variable power scope, and include a soft carry case. Note: We have several good quality guns available free of charge for you to use should you not wish to travel with your own guns.


How far will the shots be?

Shots will vary from 100-300 yards so you should practise longer shots. We use quality laser range finders to establish shooting distances.


What airport do I fly into?

We reccomend you into Queenstown International Airport where a transfer will be arranged to your base.  We also offer  the option of flying by helicopter to your base once you have arrived in New Zealand. This will provide the  opportunity to incorporate some spectacular scenic viewing.


How do I bring firearms into New Zealand?

A visitor's firearms permit is all that is required to bring your own guns into New Zealand. Firearms permit application paperwork can be found here.


Are your hunting areas suitable for bow hunting?

We have had several bow hunters successfully take great trophies with a bow. Terrain and cover allows close stalking where required. Expect bow shots from 15-50 yards.


How do I get my trophies home?

All trophies are skinned in the field by your guide and prepared to export doc standard. Final preparation work is done by a local taxidermist, who will also arrange export documentation. You can choose to have taxidermy work completed in New Zealand or sent to your local taxidermist.


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