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Pigs were introduced to New Zealand by explorers as early as 1769 and they are now widespread. The razor backed “Captain Cookers” look very much like european boars with solid shoulders, small hindquarters, long snouts and long tusks.
Most are black in colour, however many colour variations are found. Large males weigh up to 150 kilograms (330 pounds).

New Zealand Trophy Hunting hunts boars by several methods. The most common is to use a pack of trained hunting dogs which find and bail the boar allowing the hunter to dispatch with knife or rifle.

New Zealand boar hunting is adrenaline packed and the meat is always welcome.



Arapawa sheep were introduced to New Zealand by early explorers, who released them on outlying islands as a resident food source. Over time the sheep developed traits that have made them a hardy and disease free species.

The rams sport large, thick, full curled horns that will sometimes reach double curl.
Most are dark black/brown in colour with white markings.These sheep are hunted by “spot and stalk” and are known to have very good eyesight, and a frustrating ability to elude hunters. The thick wool and relatively small body size can prove to be deceptive when placing a shot.

NZTHL offers estate and free range hunts on arapawa sheep. Each year we produce trophies that are in the “top 10” category of SCI. The arapawa trophies make attractive shoulder mounts or european skull mounts.



Another early arrival to New Zealand, feral goats have been established since 1773. Mature billy goats have a long beard and spiraled horns. Many colour and hair length variations occur. The largest trophies almost always come from white coloured goats.

NZTHL has a history of producing very large trophy specimens, with several “top 10” animals to its credit. Goats inhabit scrubby terrain, and are usually hunted by "spot and stalk".

red stag


arapawa ram

arapawa ram


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