Red stag


New Zealand Trophy Hunting offers the finest red stag hunting in New Zealand. We have produced several former world records - and there will be more. Over the last few seasons, New Zealand's largest red stags have been harvested on our property.

SCI gold medal benchmarks will vary from year to year; at the time of writing a gold medal stag starts near SCI 361. A gold medal stag will typically carry more than 20 points and is a very impressive animal.

When a stag roars it is a gutteral, hair-raising, lion-like roar that will be sure to get your heart racing.

To hunt a roaring stag at close quarters is one of the world’s most unforgettable hunting experiences.




Current SCI score for a red stag to qualify for a silver medal is SCI 291-360.

The silver medal stags typically carry from 16 to 20 points. Aggressive and confrontational, the red stag will react to the hunter’s call, and can be drawn to open ground where a shot can be taken.

Our method of hunting is spot and stalk, which is suitable for both rifle and bow hunting.





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