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Carla grew up in the mountains on a sheep and cattle station hence her strong connection and affinity with the high country. She is a keen big game foot hunter and outdoor enthusiast. Her other passions include equestrian, ultra mountain running and multisport – all of which she has competed to national level in.

Along with her experience within the agricultural industry she also has qualifications in business management, hospitality and tourism, fitness and nutrition, personal training, beauty therapy, massage therapy and freelance journalism.



Hunting Guide

Andy has been hunting all his life - and more than a decade of this has been spent guiding. He has been with the New Zealand Trophy Hunting team for 10 years - guiding from one on one to family groups. He is passionate about the outdoors and is also an accomplished endurance athlete. His aim is to ensure that his clients have the trip of a lifetime.

Andy's relaxed but highly professional manner, combined with his exceptional ability to entertain, make him a valued member of the NZTHL team.

Hunting Guide

Ewan was born and raised in Haast, the southern most settlement of the South Island's rugged West Coast, where his father hunted for meat as a main source of income.

Ewie went on to become a butcher in Lake Wanaka – which is situated in the Southern Alps where both the himalayan tahr and the alpine chamois were introduced. These two majestic animals and their habitat are what instigated Ewie’s passion for alpine hunting and ultimately his unsurpassed ability in the mountains.

Ewie has also spent time in Colorado hunting free range elk and he looks forward to guiding his clients to securing their trophy animals.


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"I was brought up as a child in Zimbabwe where I started hunting, fishing and game bird shooting from the very early stages of my life. I had a passion for the wild from the start and went on hunts with my dad chasing big game in Africa. When I moved to New Zealand in 2001 I found myself fishing for trout.

I have since learned and mastered the art of fly fishing and now chase kingfish on the fly, monster rainbow trout in the Mackenzie country and have a huge passion for game bird hunting and hunting new Zealand game of which I have taught myself how to hunt. I have targeted red deer, fallow deer, tahr, chamois, wallabies and pigs.

All of which I have followed my dreams as a kid to get to where I am now. What can I say "I just love it." "It's my life"


Hunting Guide

Being brought up in the mountains surrounding Wanaka has given Cam an addiction to all things hunting and outdoors.

A highly experienced hunting guide and very passionate about sustainable hunting, makes Cam very selective on the animals we harvest.

Years of guiding both hunting and back country skiing is the reason for Cam's emphasis on customer service. It's not just about the animal's you'll harvest with Cam, it's about the whole journey, the laughs and the memories created from start to finish.


European Marketing Manager

Tomas is a young and passionate outdoor enthusiast from central Europe. The native beech forest and beautiful Panonnian countryside was his playground during his childhood. Interested in hunting from a young age, he mastered the secrets of hunting from his Grandad and Dad as a family heritage.

Tomas gained education in Ecology, Business and Tourism. He is interested in travelling, sports, art and winemaking. Having spent some quality time in New Zealand, hunting for big game on the South Island, he joined the team at New Zealand Trophy Hunting so he could share the thrill of this country and make an adventure possible for his fellow Europeans.






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