Bird hunting and fishing


Pheasants were introduced into New Zealand in the 1800s by our early settlers as a game bird. They have become established in many areas of New Zealand, and selected game estates have introduced management regimes to ensure viable hunting populations.

Most of our birds resemble the ring- necked pheasant from China, and have a broad white neck ring. We also have a similar species known as the Melanistic Mutant. The cock bird is a beautiful metallic green/blue and makes a significant taxidermy mount.

Our shoots are walk-up shoots where your guide will position you across the flight path of the pheasants as they are flushed from their cover by the guide’s hunting dogs. Pheasant shooting is an exciting and challenging sport and a great way to finish off a successful hunting expedition in New Zealand.

New Zealand has abundant populations of waterfowl that can be hunted between May and August each year. Huntable species include : mallard ducks, grey ducks, paradise ducks, shoveler ducks, greater canada geese, black swan and pukeko (gallinule).

New Zealand is the only place in the world where you can legally shoot black swans; these large, graceful flyers make spectacular taxidermy mounts. Bag limits in New Zealand are liberal with 25 ducks per person a day and no limit on geese being the current regulations in our area. Your guides will position you in a blind on either pond or lake, where they will assist in calling birds into shooting range.

New Zealand's wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) are of the Merriam type. We hunt these on farm land fringes, usually using spot and stalk.

Small game hunting is always popular as an add-on to other hunting. We hunt for rabbits, hare , opossum and wallaby. Shotguns and small caliber rifles are used for these hunts, and can be supplied by New Zealand Trophy Hunting. Small game hunting is available all year round.



New Zealand is one of the finest trout fishing destinations in the world. Each year, very big trout are caught by visiting anglers. The principal species are rainbow and brown trout and sea run salmon.

The central South Island, where we are based, is in the heart of abundant trout fishing lakes and rivers, and a salmon spawning stream runs through our property.

Our best time for fishing is over the Summer (October to March). Salmon runs occur from November to April. There are opportunities to fish all year round.

Our guides are skilled fishermen, so why not combine some fishing with your hunting or book a specialist fishing package? Enjoy the region's fishing hot spots and stalk those "wall hangers".



At the conclusion of your hunt or as an addition to your package, we can provide you with several salt water angling or Fiordland wilderness adventure options.

From day trips to fish for groper, shark and tuna off the rainforest clad west coast, to staying two nights on a large, comfortable live aboard boat in the calm, tranquil waters of Fiordland, where you will experience New Zealand's most remote and spectacular piece of coastline. Fish for abundant table species whilst a guide dives for lobster, scallops and paua (abalone), which are served as gourmet cuisine each day of your trip. A truly incredible place that will top off yet another world class adventure with the team at New Zealand Trophy Hunting.






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