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New Zealand Trophy Hunting also offers our clients the opportunity to hunt in Australia’s top - on one of the last true, wild and free range hunting conservatives for trophy water buffalo. The area encompasses over 2 million acres of Aboriginal lands, from coastal beaches to savannah jungle. This is the largest dedicated hunting area in Australia.

Hunting is spot and stalk for these huge animals that are not to be taken lightly. Weighing in at 2000+ lbs their hides are over 1 1/2 inches thick - requiring a minimum of .375 calibers and above. General shooting distances are between 10-80 yards with shot placement critical. Every day you will see large numbers of buffalo, pure ox, boar, dingos, and wallaby. Combine your hunt with some barramundi fishing from one of our boats or head out for an evening spotting crocodiles.

Our permanent camp has all the modern conveniences for the most remote outback accommodation. This includes generator power, cabins, hot shower, flushing toilet and full time camp staff cooking up some of the best wild meat and barramundi fish you will dine on…all to make your stay a memorable one.

With our own private airstrip this hunt is suited to those who really want to experience true, wild, dangerous game hunting in a magnificent area managed exclusively for hunting on traditional Aboriginal land.

The main season is from May-October up in the tropics - which allows you the option of combining both New Zealand and Australia on your same hunt that gives you the best of what the South Pacific has to offer.


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