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New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean and has a politically stable and safe environment. It is a land that is culturally and geologically diverse with landscapes that range from rain forest, near desert country and rugged coastlines, nestled amongst spectacular mountains and is the perfect playground for you to hunt your next trophy.

Red stag hunts take place on the aptly named Hunter Hills in the central South Island of New Zealand. Our free range hunting for New Zealand tahr and chamois takes place in the Southern Alps in a wildlife concession area.

It is believed the Hunter Hills received their name from the abundance of feral game (mainly pigs) that at one time roamed the hills far outnumbering the sheep, and daily hunts were necessary to thin their numbers. Now days it's not just pigs in the hills but a range of deer, tahr, chamois, goats and rams that provide for a wide variety of exciting hunts.


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