Small game


At New Zealand Trophy Hunting it is customary to fill any spare hunting time, pursuing small game. Small game opportunities abound in our hunting areas. Small game also offer gun enthusiasts the opportunity to snipe animals at long range with precision calibers; a great way to fill an evening.

Our targeted species are;
Bennets or red necked wallabies (macropus rufogriseus). New Zealand has the only legal hunting opportunity on these fast moving and elusive animals. A large male wallaby can weigh up to 30 kilograms (65 pounds). They inhabit scrub clad hill country in the vicinity of Hunter Hills Lodge. Our usual hunting method is "spotting” and long range sniping. Shots can be 250 meters (275 yards) or more. We also do walk up shoots with shotguns over dogs.

European brown hares (lepus europaeus) are common place in New Zealand and make a great hunt either with a small caliber rifle or shotgun over dogs. The meat of the hare is also considered a culinary delicacy by some.

Rabbits (oryctolagus cuniculus) are plentiful and make for great hunting sport. It is not unusual for a hunter to harvest 50 or more rabbits in an evening shoot.

Brush tailed opossum (trichosurus vulpecula) are quite different to the possums found in North America. The pelt is luxurious and sought after for high quality garments. Opossums are nocturnal, so hunting is usually done at night. Many of our hunting clients gather enough skins to make a luxurious fur coat for a partner back at home.


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